“Dark Girls”: A Critique

the negress

I had the recent displeasure of watching Dark Girls, a documentary debuting on the OWN network which discussed colorism within the black community, specifically as it relates to dark-skinned women.

There are many critical pieces onwhy the film failed to substantially connect colorism within the structural context of white supremacist patriarchy, so I won’t go into detail about that here.

I did, however, want to add a few other things I found problematic about the film and the general reaction to it.

1.) Dark Girls talked extensively about how growing one’s self-esteem can heal the effects of colorism, but failed to see how self-esteem (self-assurance and self-confidence) are largely accessed through privilege. In the context of beauty, our society uses shame as a form of control to perpetuate feelings of inadequacy among marginalized people and maintain the status quo. Shaming certain bodies draws implicit boundaries around appropriate behavior…

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On what happened in Egypt last night

Postcolonialism and its Discontents

What we witnessed yesterday was a well-thought out plan by the military to corner the Muslim Brotherhood and make them sign their own death sentence. This plan only became clear by the end of the night, and by then most people were happy to have the military “deal with” the MB. After the speech by Badie (who everyone had thought was under arrest) it became clear that the point of letting him speak was so he could incite the MB base to go to Tahrir & Maspero, something that was likely to end violently. Once the violence escalated, it took the military and police more than two hours to intervene—why? Were they waiting for just enough to violence so they could be seen as heroes saving the day? Probably. Once they intervened, the situation calmed down and later both MB’s Khairat el Shater and Salafi Hazem abou Ismail were arrested.

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Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts and Languages, University of Manchester Lecture Series

CIDRAL October – December 2013

Semester 1: Border Crossings


Friday 11 October

Professor Rey Chow (Anne Firor Scott Professor of Literature at Duke)

Public Lecture: ‘On the Transcultural and Intermediality’

With Chinese Film Forum UK and Cornerhouse

Masterclass before public lecture



Tuesday 22 October

Professor Ella Shohat (Professor of Art and Public Policy, Middle Eastern Studies, NYU)

Public Lecture: ‘The Sephardic-Moorish Atlantic’

Masterclass: Wednesday 23rd October



Tuesday 5 November

Professor Li Wei (Linguistics, Birkbeck)

Public Lecture on migration, diaspora and trans-languaging practices

(title and masterclass tbc)



Tuesday 3 December

Professor Max Silverman (French, Leeds University)

Public lecture: ‘Intercultural Memory’

Masterclass: Wednesday 4 December


For more information about the location and times of these lectures, please go to the CIDRA website.

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Lecture: Conflicting Legacies- Hugo Chavez and Margaret Thatcher: Neo-Liberalism and New Wars Versus Social Justice and Peace

The Centre for Cultural Studies Research (CCSR)
University of East London

2013 Annual Lecture

Neo-liberalism and new wars versus social justice and peace

to be given by


Tariq Ali is a writer and filmmaker. He has written over two dozen books on
world politics and history. His novels, including the series known as the
‘Islam Quintet’, have been translated into many languages. He is a
longstanding editor of the New Left Review and writes regularly for the
London Review of Books and the Guardian

16 May 2013 at 17.30

West Building Ground Floor Theatre
University of East London Docklands Campus
DLR station: Cyprus

Refreshments will follow the lecture



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CFP 1 | 2013 – Transfeminisms: Feminist Transition Politics

CFP 1 | 2013 – Transfeminisms: Feminist Transition Politics

In this issue of Comment S’en Sortir ? we wish to map the alliances, common struggles and translations of concepts between trans, feminist, anti-racist and queer movements and theories that we collect under the concept of “transfeminisms”. Read more here.

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Week #13 – Homos Strike Back at Islamophobic Gay-Baiting


Week #13 – Homos Strike Back at Islamophobic Gay-Baiting.

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4th Annual International Conference: Theorising Normalcy and the Mundane

4th Annual International Conference: Theorising Normalcy and the Mundane

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